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                                                                "My daughter loves Dr. Sharon’s classes. She is always very

                                                                 organized and makes  learning fun." -Michelle W.                          

"We are so grateful to have found Dr. Sharon as she has quickly become a vital resource for my 17 y.o. daughter who was recently diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. Dr. Sharon has an effective, structured approach to coaching [child's name] and provides summaries of their meetings each week which are incredibly valuable for both [child's name] and me." -Erica R.

"Sharon is really helping [child's name] stay organized. Best of all, she's teaching her organization skills and tools that will help her in the long-term." -Mrs. C.


"Dr. Sharon is the perfect match of a teacher for my daughter. She is thoughtful, consistent, engaged, and willing to challenge. Dr. Sharon is also very kind and understanding. Students who want to learn and grow in their writing, and are willing to be challenged and work hard, will truly enjoy working with Dr. Sharon. She is wonderful about communicating with parents (and students) and sends a response right after every session so the parents know what was covered." -Devon


"My son really enjoys working with Dr. Sharon on his English writing assignments. Dr. Sharon does an excellent job helping my son analyze the readings he has to write about." -Erin C.

"What can I say? Even after one session, my 8th grade daughter, who's very advanced in her writing, asked for more because she really valued the teacher's input. I believe Dr. Sharon B-C's ability to connect with my child and give advice that is meaningful is just great! The session motivated my daughter to strive for a higher level and gave her a big boost of confidence as well. Thank you! "

"I scheduled Dr. Sharon on short notice for a one-time tutoring session to go over an assignment. She was amazing at walking my son through how to analyze the story."

"My daughter loves this class and is learning so much." -Samantha B.

"After a session with Dr. Sharon B-C, my daughter asked me to register her for another class taught by the same teacher. Every parent would agree that something was done correctly when a child voluntarily asks to be taught. She said she learned so much from the session, and she felt comfortable learning from her."

"Well-organized and well-taught class! The teacher made a not so easy topic easy to understand. Thank you! :)" 

"Great class. Great teacher. A lot of fun. Highly recommend." -Leah M.

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